Seeds for Change for Africa

Message from the Managing Director

With over thirty years’ experience in farming and seed production, we at Bubayi are only too aware of the importance of high quality seed as a vital component in productivity and profit for the farmer – whatever the crop.

This is why we have partnered with national and international agencies to source and produce the latest high quality, high yielding seed for diverse crops.

We understand the risks of depending on a single crop, and how vulnerable this leaves the farmer to disease or drought.  This is why we believe that high yielding bean, millet and sorghum seed help spread the risk, while providing a valuable food source and enhanced income opportunities to the farmer.

Our commitment to improved seed is a part of a deeper commitment to developing better agricultural practices in Kenya.  We have a policy of giving back to our community and nation and to supporting the livelihood, health and aspirations of the small holder farmer and their families.

We hope that you will grow Bubayi Seeds as the seeds of change for your farm.

3Jonathan Mayer
Managing Director, Bubayi Products Ltd

Our Vision

To become the partner of choice for small holder farmers by producing and supplying high quality seed and providing crop storage and marketing services.


Our Mission

To build our products around serving our customers needs and aspirations.
To partner with reputable plant breeders in order to multiply new and improved seed varieties.
To produce and supply the best quality seed on the market.
To deal ethically with our customers, seed growers, business associates and employees.

Our Core Values

Supporting the smallholder farmer in diversification, growth and profitability.
Environmental, social and economic sustainability.
Building up our community.
Contributing to national and global initiatives for food security.

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