Seeds for Change for Africa

KK8 Beans

Outstanding features A high yielding and highly resistant new bush bean variety, bred for the Kenyan market and which retains the appearance of the popular Ross coco bean variety. The bean can be grown as a pure stand crop or inter-cropped e.g. with maize or bananas.
Altitude range Low, medium, high
Maturity 83-89 days
Seed application rate Pure stand 60 kgs ha.
Intercrop 40 kgs ha.
Resistant to: Angular leaf spot
Root rot
Common bacterial blight
Halo blight
Yield potential Optimum yields of up to 1.8 MT per ha.

Bubayi is also a working mixed farming enterprise.
We grow, supply, bulk and store the following products.

Grain Wheat, maize, teff, millet.
Dairy Raw cooled milk, pure-bred Ayrshire dairy cows.
Fodder Boma Rhodes hay bales, teff hay, maize silage.
Extension services Storage and marketing.
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